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Bayer Calypso 480 SC Insecticide 30ml - WebCaravel

Bayer Calypso 480 SC Insecticide 30ml

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Product Overview


(Active substances: thiacloprid)

Calypso offers you fast knock-down of rosy apple aphid and trials and observations have shown that it is also very effective against a wide spectrum of other pests in apples, including aphids, sawfly, mussel scale and codling moth


Application : Spraying

Dosage  : 40ml for 100 lt of water


Why Calypso?

Orchards are under continual threat of pest attack during the season and tackling them, with minimal impact on natural predators and beneficials, is vital to successful integrated pest management. Calypso has been the cornerstone of pest control in apples for a number of seasons as it is robust and rapid with a good IPM fit including safety to bees. It can even be applied during flowering.

Main advantages

  • Fast-acting and long-lasting
  • Good IPM fit
  • Wide pest spectrum
  • Flexible application timing according to pest
  • Bee safe can be applied during flowering
  • Effective even at lower temperatures
  • SOLAs on soft, cane and stone fruit

Getting the best from Calypso

To get the best from Calypso against rosy apple aphid, a pre-blossom spray should be applied at the first sign of the pest, usually flower buds visible (GS 55), and not later than pink bud (GS 57). A follow-up post blossom spray of Calypso may be required; apply from the end of flowering (GS 69) to fruit half final size (GS 75). When spraying post-blossom it is particularly important to achieve full penetration of the leaf canopy and uniform coverage of the foliage and blossoms/fruitlets with the aid of a higher water volume.

Important things to remember

  • Under certain circumstances the cider apple variety Michelin may exhibit symptoms of leaf scorch following application of Calypso, particularly when treated around petal-fall. If treating this variety, ensure in particular that trees are not under stress such as nutrient deficiency and avoid using the product in tank-mixtures.


    Outdoor Use Only !

    Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

    Avoid release to the environment.

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