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Bayer Confidor 200 SC Imidacloprid Insecticide - 50ml

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    A very popular choice for foliar application on many vegetable crops, Confidor® 200 is valued for its powerful insect control. Confidor will control green peach aphid, silver leaf whitefly, woolly aphid, grey cabbage aphid and turnip aphid on an extensive range of vegetables, plus various other insect pests in ornamentals

    Systemic insecticide against aphids and whiteflies in vegetables, aphids and mines in fruit trees, leafhoppers in the vine, potato beetle, whitefly and citrus mines, among others


    Application : Spraying

    Dosage  :  50ml for 100 lt of water ( can be use other dosage )



    Solution (SL) with 200 g / l imidacloprid



    Acts by contact and ingestion.

    Innovative mode of action at the level of the nervous system, with activation and subsequent blockage of the nerve impulses (at the postsynaptic acetylcholine receptors) causing the death of the insects.

    Mechanism of action different from traditional insecticides, being therefore effective in the control of resistant insects.

    Great persistence of action that allows reducing the number of treatments.

    Great range of action for insect pickers-suckers, microlepidopters and beetles.

    Very intense upward systemic action (allowing to be applied to the soil, via foliar or irrigation)


    Security Interval : 20 Days ( Do not Harvest or Eat During these period)


    Outdoor Use Only !

    Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

    Avoid release to the environment.

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