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High Temperature Glue Selant for Oven, Fireplace Repair Glass Door Selant 1100º

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    This a fireproof silicate adhesive designed for assembly and repairs of exhaust systems (collectors and exhaust silencers with holes in them), ovens, fireplaces, and damaged ceramic and metallic ducts – carrying away very hot combustion gas or fluid at a temperature over 1100°C. Resistant to fumes, dilute acids, water, chemicals and low temperature. It has very high adhesion and fast bonding time.


    The surface to be repaired should be moist, clean and thoroughly degreased. Good surface preparation is a guarantee of high efficiency of repair. In the case of bonding at a temperature below 15°C, warm the joint using eg. an electric dryer.


    Thoroughly clean the repair area with a wire brush, remove rust and sand the surface using sandpaper, then wash it with clean water. Apply small amount of glue on a wet surface. Spread evenly. For larger defects (cracks, holes) after applying first layer of adhesive you should place 
    on the glued surface the heat resistant mesh (included in kit), wait until it dry a litle bit, and then apply a second coat of glue. Leave sealed exhaust for a dozen hours to harden. The repair process can be shortened by heating the weld using an electric dryer.

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