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Mancozeb Professional Fungicide 200g

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Product Supply With English Label Instructions and Advises


    Apply MANCOZEB dilute sprays to full coverage of foliage and stems unless otherwise

    specified. For low volume sprayers adjust the mixing rate to give equivalent rates per

    hectare. Thorough, uniform coverage is essential for good disease contro


    Application: Spraying

    Dosage :  200g for 100 lt of water


    MANCOZEB is a broad spectrum protectant fungicide for the control of a wide range of

    diseases in agricultural, horticultural and ornamental crops. Read the label carefully for

    recommendations on specific crops and diseases. Mancozeb is an ethylene (bis)

    dithiocarbamate fungicide from the carbamate group and acts on multiple sites in

    fungal cells to control diseases. It has low solubility in water and breaks down quickly

    in soil and water.


    MANCOZEB gives only short term protectant disease control and should be applied

    before fungal spores germinate. Multiple applications at regular intervals are

    recommended throughout the season to maintain cover. Intervals between applications

    are typically 7-10 days but can vary from 5-28 days depending on factors influencing disease development and residual life, particularly weather conditions.



    The rates suggested are for high volume spraying to run-off. For concentrate spraying

    adjust dilution rate accordingly. The addition of a wetting/penetrating agent will improve

    distribution and uptake on hard to wet plants.



    (Do not Harvest or Eat During these periods) :

    Vegetables: 14 Days

    Fruit Trees: 30 Days


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