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Mole Killer Poison Bait 150g ( 15Baits )

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    Rodenticide for control of moles. Bait manufactured with special attractive to moles.

    A single ingestion causes the death of the rodent within 3-5 days.

    Bait in Paste, ready to use.
    Containing 0,005% Difenacume

    How to Use :

    Open a hole in the exit of the mole tunnel,
    place a fresh bait (1 or 2) and cover the hole with dirt.

    The treatment should last minimum 5days.

    Wear gloves before using the bait, due the moles smell.
    Do not get in direct contact with the baits,if you do,
    wash your skin with abundant water and soap.

    In case of ingestion, go to a doctor with this paper.

    Substance Contained: DIFENACUME
    Antidote: Vitamine K1

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